World Class Sourcing!

Originally founded in 1999, New Tres Amigos has forged itself as one of the premier sources for sourcing furniture and accessories in Mexico and India.

We are NOT a sourcing agent... we ARE the source! In addition to our own state of the art factory we have secured strong partnerships with some of the largest furniture manufacturers in Mexico and India.

Mexico is now THE place for sourcing all types of furniture. Contemporary, Farmhouse, Vintage, Spanish Colonial, Mid Century Modern, Rustic and MORE can ALL be designedand manufactured in Mexico. Why stop at furniture? Mexico is a treasure trove of amazing handcrafts which include all types of ceramics, glassware, metal accessories, leather and SO MUCH MORE! 

We know Mexico. We live here!

We can help your company take advantageof the unlimitedresources located right next store, not an ocean away. We can help with all of your logistics (brokerages, border crossing, all freight, consolidation, etc.)

Why Tres Amigos?

Keith Kramer

Starting in 1999 with his first retail store, Keith built Tres Amigos up to 11 stores in three states. Keith has been sourcing furniture directly from Mexico and India since the beginning. Never satisfied working throgh brokers or agents, Keith went to the source(s) and has secured strong, reliable relationships that have stood the test of time. Owning and running 11 retail locations has given him a unique perspective and understanding of the retail customer. He is very aware of the challenges that every retailer faces when they buy from an international source. There are very few that have the wholesale, retail and manufacturing experience that Keith has acquired in his many years in the furniture sourcing business.


Israel Carrillo

Native to Mexico, second generation in the timber trade. Specializing in pine and tropical woods, Israel has been importing large volumes of many types raw materials since 1997. His factory focuses on furniture manufacture utilizing a wide variety of solid wood, MDF and plywood. Israel currently sources/imports wood and other raw materials from China, Brazil, USA and Chile. In addition to his vast experience in logistics and import/export process, Israel currently owns/operates a large furniture factory in Puebla Mexico that produces solid wood furniture panels made with the latest technology and the highest quality. These furniture panels are sold to MANY of the largest manufacturers in Mexico. He UNDERSTANDS the American market and the challenges that it presents. He has been exporting furniture to the U.S., Germany and Spain since 2012.